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Winter Skincare Tips: Enhance Your Routine with Facials and Gentle Cleansing

The cold, winter weather can be especially tough on our skin, often leaving it dry and irritated. While many of us instinctively reach for richer creams or layer serums to keep our skin hydrated, there is actually a more nurturing approach to maintaining healthy skin during the cold season.

Alongside using the right skincare products, incorporating regular facials into your routine can do wonders for your skin. Facials offer deep hydration, improve circulation, and help remove impurities, making them an excellent way to pamper your skin in winter.

At Womb to World, we love using hop & cotton products for our facials. Their gentle yet nourishing formulas leave your skin feeling truly amazing. The team at hop & cotton has graciously shared some tips on how to enhance your skincare routine for glowing, healthy skin all season long. Keep reading to learn more.

female laying down on treatment table having cotton wool balls applied to her face during a facial

Nurturing Your Skin with Proper Cleansing

Our skin naturally protects itself by secreting a unique blend of oils that prevent it from drying out. This precious oil, or "liquid gold", is perfectly tailored to each individual and is far better than any external moisturiser.

By retaining more of this oil during winter, we can reduce dryness and the need for additional products. However, many of us unknowingly strip away this vital oil by using unsuitable or incorrectly applied cleansers. So, winter skincare is really about gentle, proper cleansing – using the right cleanser in the right way.


Choosing the Right Cleanser

Your ideal cleanser should gently remove excess oil and impurities without overdoing it. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but a good winter cleanser is typically mildly foaming or non-foaming. Look for one that rinses off easily with room temperature water, without needing heat, cloths, or brushes.

Finding the perfect ready-made cleanser can be tricky, especially for reactive or allergy-prone skin. Hop & Cotton can actually tailor-make cleaners for you so get in touch with them if you’re having trouble find the right cleanser for your skin.


hop & cotton facial product range laid out beautifully next to a cup of herbal tea
Image Credit: hop & cotton

Perfecting Your Cleansing Routine

Even with the perfect cleanser, using it correctly is essential. In the morning, observe your skin. If there is no noticeable oil on your cheeks, skip the cleanser and just splash your face with cool water. At night, cleanse gently for a full minute in circular motions, especially on areas prone to congestion. Use water that is comfortably warm, not hot. Finally, apply your moisturiser within two minutes of cleansing to lock in moisture and keep your skin beautifully hydrated.


Winter Skincare Tips for Glowing Skin

Stay warm and lovingly care for your skin this winter by using the right products and techniques. Incorporate regular facials into your routine for an added boost of hydration and purification. Thank you to Hop & Cotton for this valuable information. For more details and to explore their full range of products, you can read their full blog here.

If you would like to learn more about our facials and massages in Brisbane, please visit our website.

female laying down on a treatment table for a facial, the therapist is spray a mist over her

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