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About Tamsin

Tamsin has a gentle yet grounding energy that is deeply supportive as a Womb and Fertility massage therapist and a Feminine Embodiment facilitator.
Tamsin has a strong passion for supporting and guiding women in re-connecting with their bodies, feminine energy and womb space both energetically and physically.

Tamsin first found interest in this work through her own healing journey, while trying many different modalities and therapy she found that working with the body through hands on healing touch and embodiment work was a key element in shifting what was needed with a strong focus on caring and connecting to the womb space.

When it comes to feminine embodiment, she feels deeply inspired by the freedom it can give us to express and explore parts of ourselves through movement and being in circle with other women.

Tamsin believes that each womb and fertility massage session is a ceremony in its own right and aims to have the client feeling nourished, held and a sense of coming home to the body after her sessions.