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Fertility for Couples

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At Womb to World, we understand that the journey to parenthood can sometimes be challenging. Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or through Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) such as IVF, incorporating acupuncture into your fertility plan may enhance your chances of success.

Fertility issues often involve both partners, and addressing the health and well-being of both is crucial. Acupuncture is a complementary therapy that can improve fertility by promoting relaxation, reducing stress, enhancing blood flow to the reproductive organs, and balancing the body’s energy.

Regular acupuncture sessions may help to regulate menstrual cycles, improve period quality, and address any symptoms for women. For men, acupuncture has the potential to enhance sperm count and morphology, which are critical factors for successful conception. By treating both the man and the woman, we can help increase the potential for conception and create a healthier environment for pregnancy. 

At Womb to World, we create personalised acupuncture treatment plans tailored to your specific needs. During your initial consultation, we will discuss your fertility history and current efforts, provide insights from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective, and offer guidance on optimising your cycle and timing of conception. Addressing lifestyle factors such as diet, stress, and sleep is also an integral part of our holistic approach.

By addressing the fertility health of both partners through acupuncture and holistic care, we aim to create the best possible conditions for conception and a healthy pregnancy. Book your free 15 minute discovery call with Womb to World today to begin your personalised fertility plan and take a step closer to realizing your dream of parenthood.

Acupuncture for Fertility

Acupuncture is gaining popularity as a treatment for fertility issues. Some studies have shown that it can improve the success rate of in vitro fertilization, and it is thought to help by increasing blood flow to the uterus and decreasing stress.


Data analysis by fertilityIQ compared women who did IVF alone, with women who added acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer, and women who had acupuncture during their IVF cycles (around 13 to 15 sessions). The women who added more acupuncture sessions were twice as likely to have a baby compared to women who did IVF alone, and 60% more likely when compared with women who just had two acupuncture treatments on the day of embryo transfer.

At Womb to World, we influence the normal flow of energy or 'Qi', to circulate blood and fluids and alleviate stagnation to aid in fertility.

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'What you should know before starting IVF'


Written by Angela Marshall, Holistic Acupuncturist

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