Fertility Massage


Fertility Massage (which can also be referred to as Sacred Divine Massage), is a non-invasive and nourishing abdominal and sacral therapy treatment, combining various bodywork techniques that have been drawn from many different cultural backgrounds.


Each treatment is individualized to the client and incorporates a unique blend of womb and fertility massage, abdominal massage, Rebozo (wrapping the body in cloth), pulsing, reflexology and optional yoni steaming, designed to improve circulation, blood, nerve and lymph flow within the digestive and reproductive organs.


This beautiful treatment is rooted deeply within the art of Womb and Fertility Massage Therapy, supporting and nourishing the body to bring it back into balance and alignment. When your abdominal region, reproductive or digestive systems are misaligned, blocked or damaged by scar tissue, other organs and channels can in turn become disrupted, thus creating imbalance within our entire system. 80% of our immune system, along with neural pathways which connect our organs, muscles and connective tissues resides in our lower back area.


Fertility massage assists in bringing the body back into balance, while also loosening hardened debris that can accumulate over years in the gut, encouraging a natural movement and both physical and emotional cleansing.