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Eastern Herbal Medicine

close up photo of lady leaning over a range of eastern herbal medicines
History of Eastern Herbal Medicine is dated as far back as 3000 years ago, Shen nong ben cao jing (Classic of the Material Medica) was the first compilation of herbs, detailing each herb and their characteristics and therapeutic properties. From then compilations of classical herbal formulas were recorded, treating a range of aliments based on the presenting patterns of signs and symptoms.


Herbal medicines are one modality of Eastern Medicine and are a great compliment to acupuncture especially in managing systemic conditions to helping the body to recover by addressing the excess, deficiencies, stagnations, and disharmonies of the body. It has been shown to relieve to the following more conditions relating to digestion, common cold & flu, insomnia, inflammation, menstruation, menopausal, fatigue, chronic pain, and other systemic diseases.


Herbal formulas are prescribed tailored to your presenting condition pattern, aiming to provide relief and restore harmony. Traditionally packs of dried raw herbs are prescribed to be decocted at home, however, quality herbal granules are now available for modern day convenience while maintaining high clinical effectiveness. It is simply dissolved in hot water like an instant coffee, that is usually consumed twice a day, away from food and any prescription medication.

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