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Hannah Reilly massage therapist

About Hannah

Introducing Hannah, one of our amazing massage therapists, and Reiki Practioner, at Womb to World.


Hannah brings a deep understanding of the mind-body connection and a passion for holistic healing, specialising in various types of massage including: 

Swedish Massage, which helps clients transcend into a state of bliss and serenity by easing muscle tension, improving circulation, and relaxing both mind and body. 

Pregnancy Massage, particularly beneficial from the second trimester onwards, pregnancy massage alleviates body tension, improves mood and sleep, reduces anxiety, and enhances mobility. 

Chakra Balancing Massage, balancing and energizing the life force through the use of essential oils, massage, energy, and crystal placement, promoting overall well-being by harmonizing the body and mind.

Hannah’s journey in healing began with her own quest for empowerment and self-discovery, leading her to specialize in various transformative modalities. Her extensive experience includes Energy Healing, NLP, Hypnosis, Life Coaching, Holotropic Breathwork, Meditation, and Sound Healing.

With her warm, empathetic approach and commitment to personal growth, Hannah provides the highest level of support to her clients, helping them achieve physical, mental, and emotional harmony.

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