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The Fourth Trimester
after birth support brisbane

The fourth trimester in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) pertains to the initial 40 days following the joyous birth of your newborn. This period holds significant importance in TCM as it focuses on supporting mothers during this crucial phase.

Our fourth trimester package offers in-home treatments lasting 90 minutes, with flexibility in scheduling to accommodate attending to your newborn. Our skilled practitioner will use a blend of acupuncture, womb massage, rebozo, and moxa therapy to nurture and assist your postpartum recovery journey after welcoming your baby into the world. Our practitioner will advise on diet, supplements, rest, and recovery, and she will answer any questions regarding milk supply and impart traditional wisdom. Let us aid in your recuperation and healing following the remarkable process of pregnancy, childbirth, and caring for your baby. As appointment slots are limited, kindly contact us for more information.

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