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close up of teresa huynh, brisbane acupuncturist, smiling at the camera
About Teresa

Teresa believes eastern medicine is a valuable complement to western medicine, as it promotes and supports one’s health in a natural and holistic manner. Teresa is qualified in acupuncture, prescribing Chinese herbs, cupping, moxa and gua sha therapies.

Teresa is dedicated to supporting women throughout their natural stages of life, from menstruation, pre & post pregnancy, menopause to aging gracefully. She also has an interest in managing common conditions such as digestive issues, the common cold/flu, insomnia, and stress which underlies many other issues.

Teresa has over a decade of clinical experience as an oral health therapist. Her expertise in this area will enable her to assist in managing client’s oral health disorders, such as halitosis (bad breath), xerostomia (dry mouth), stress induced teeth grinding and headaches, with herbs and/or acupuncture.

Teresa has a kind nature and gentle approach with her treatments. She is committed to improving her patient’s health and wellbeing, while aiming to address the roots of their concerns.

Teresa will be available for appointments on Tuesday’s 2pm-6pm and every second Saturday 8am-2pm.

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