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Ceremonial Closing of the Bones

The closing of the bones ritual traditionally comes from many cultural backgrounds. At Womb to World, our practitioners' practice comes from the Mexican traditional which includes the use of traditional Rebozos in the ceremony.

The Closing of the Bones ceremony is an energetic and physical closing of the body after the mother has given birth, this ceremony is in honour of Her and the mothers experience of birth. This can be done at any stage post partum and has a similar feeling of being cocooned and held. The Closing of the Bones ritual is a sacred binding using the Rebozos to support the mother's bones, muscles, ligaments etc. and to bring the entire pelvic bowl back into alignment after the portal has been opened during her birth experience. This practice of closing allows for a deep state of rest, nourishment, to feel held and to energetically close and bring Mum back to her centre within her body. We also honour the feet, heart space and head during this wrapping so the entirety of the body is cocooned and acknowledged. When it is time to be unwrapped and revealed, the experience has often been described as a “rebirth" - like the butterfly that has finally emerged from the cocoon, ready to enter into the world. This practice as a whole includes gentle womb massage, womb blessing and of course the sacred Closing of the Bones with traditional Rebozos.

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