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Acupuncture & the treatment of Bell's Palsy

Bell's palsy is the sudden paralysis of one side of the face. The cause of Bell's palsy is yet to be found (Murthy & Saxena, 2011).

Some research suggest the cause could be viral or from exposure to chemicals. Some scientists recommend for faster recovery from Bell's Palsy, it's best to receive medical treatment of either steroids or antivirals within 72 hours of onset (Murthy & Saxena 2011).

Research has found that acupuncture within 2 weeks of onset of Bell's palsy can assist in recovery of facial functions (Kwon

et al, 2015). The research conducted was over 8 weeks with improvements seen in the facial function tests (Kwon et al, 2015).

We at Womb to World also recommend while on your treatment course to eat nutrient dense foods e.g. warm cooked spinach or kale, salmon, bone broth, reduce sugar intake and stay warm by wearing a scarf.

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