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Family Wellness Sanctuary


About Womb to World

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At Womb to World we love to support women through their unique challenges and encourage you to embrace your divine feminine!

Our services help you to navigate puberty, hormone imbalances, menstrual problems, mental health, preconception, pregnancy, post-natal care and menopause plus so much more! If you have a womb or identify as woman, we have you covered!

Services include IVF / fertility acupuncture, massage and more.

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"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy"

- Friedrich Nietzche

Meet Our Practitioners

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Our Treatments

Acupuncture uses the insertion of very fine, disposable needles along acupuncture points or meridians on the body to influence the normal flow of energy or 'Qi', circulate blood and fluids, alleviate stagnation and so much more to promote an individual's health and wellbeing.

Although some sensations may be felt with the insertion of the needles into the skin, acupuncture very rarely induces a pain response and is considered safe when conducted by a registered acupuncturist or Chinese medicine practitioner.

Fertility Massage (which can also be referred to as Sacred Divine Massage), is a non-invasive and nourishing abdominal and sacral therapy treatment. Combining various bodywork techniques drawn from many different cultural backgrounds.

Each treatment is individualised to the client and incorporates a unique blend of womb and fertility massage, abdominal massage, Rebozo (wrapping the body in cloth), pulsing, reflexology and optional yoni steaming, designed to improve circulation, blood, nerve and lymph flow within the digestive and reproductive organs.

Herbal formulas are prescribed tailored to your presenting condition pattern, aiming to provide relief and restore harmony. Traditionally packs of dried raw herbs are prescribed to be decocted at home, however, quality herbal granules are now available for modern day convenience while maintaining high clinical effectiveness. It is simply dissolved in hot water like an instant coffee, that is usually consumed twice a day, away from food and any prescription medication.

The Fourth Trimester

The fourth trimester in Chinese Medicine refers to the first 40 days post the beautiful birth of your little one! It is super important in Traditional Chinese Medicine to support our birthing mother's during this phase.

Our fourth trimester in-home treatments help to nourish and support you after your little one has arrived earth-side! Allow our incredible practitioners to come out to your home to help you recover and heal after the incredible effort of growing. birthing and nourishing your baby! These appointments are select times only so please enquire via email or phone prior to booking.

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Musculoskeletal Pain & Injury

Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques such as acupuncture, Tui Na massage, cupping and Guasha can be particularly helpful if you are suffering with pain or musculoskeletal injury by assisting in the reduction of pain and inflammation and accelerating repair to the damaged tissue. Our practitioners are skilled in helping support conditions including but not limited to, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, knee and hip pain. While Womb to World's main focus is supporting women's health, our practitioners are happy to support the men in your life too.

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