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Rebozo Wrap and Womb Massage.

Updated: May 18, 2022

Dr. Shuen here talking about the benefits of receiving a nurturing Rebozo wrap and womb massage offered by Womb to World.

This therapy offers a gentle stretch of the womb to allow the ovarian artery to bring in more oxygenated blood to the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. This important artery runs through the psoas muscle and crosses from the kidney's ureter (Wright & Burns, 2020). Stretching the psoas muscle is an important component of this therapy.

Womb massage also incorporates a lower back massage around the glutes, sacral foraman and pudendal nerve. Massaging the pudendal nerve is important as this nerve sends messages to the brain from the genitals (Tetzschner et al, 2011) and increases blood flow to the genitals which may result in heightened sexual function.

If you feel the need for some rest and want to send some special TLC to your womb please don't hesitate to book in this wonderful and nurturing treatment.

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