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close up of zarah adaniel, brisbane acupuncturist, smiling at the camera
About Zarah

Zarah is passionate about helping you achieve your health goals. She is caring and
warm. Her passion is helping women and their partners with fertility issues. She also
loves working with women in all things women’s health including menstrual or
hormonal imbalances and promoting general wellbeing. She was drawn to Chinese
medicine because of how it considers the person as a whole. It also helped her deal
with her own health issues. Zarah loves to combine acupuncture with moxibustion,
cupping, Tui Na, and Chinese herbal formula. She also believes in calming your
nervous system by utilising breath and meditation during your acupuncture
treatment. Zarah loves to create a gentle, calming, safe and nurturing environment
for your healing to occur while working closely with you to achieve better health
long term and to support you throughout your health journey.

Zarah has done extensive further training into fertility, IVF support and how
Western medicine treat which combined with her Chinese Medicine training
provides a holistic approach to your treatment. She has also done cosmetic
acupuncture training. Zarah also offers Glow* and Cosmetic acupuncture packages.

Zarah believes that each and every one of us is unique and her aim is for all of you
to be the best version of yourselves physically, mentally and spiritually.

Zarah will be undertaking Womb massage training and will be able to offer this

beautiful treatment in May 2024.

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