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Correcting Breech Presentation

In 95% of full term pregnancies the baby will be in optimal foetal position. Between 29 to 32 weeks, approximately 15% of all babies will be in breech or transverse position. Only 3 to 4% will remain in that position until labour. Many babies will turn on their own however, the longer they are in breech position the less likely they will turn on their own volition.

There are different variations of breech positions; some include:

Footling breech - where one hip and one knee is flexed and the other hip and knee are extended.

Frank breech - is where both hips are flexed and both knees are extended.

Kneeling breech - is where the hips are extended and both knees are flexed.

At Womb to World we love research, the research says the following:

- A large study review of the research articles (Liao, Shao, Chang 2021) suggests that moxibustion has a positive effect on correcting breech positions.

- Further research suggests moxibustion may be started between weeks 34 to 35. Smokeless and odourless sticks can be used (Smith & Betts, 2014). For the most optimal effect, moxa should be applied for 30 minutes for 10 sessions. If self-administering please be careful of your safety to prevent burns. - Moxibustion at the BL67 might be more effective than acupuncture at the same acupuncture point (Sananes, Roth, Aissi, 2016).

Contact us at Womb to World to find out how we can help you during this amazing time of transition.

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