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The Energetic Benefits of Womb & Women’s Health Massage

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Traditionally this type of body work is commonly known as a Womb and Fertility massage and it has incredible benefits when supporting women through the physical body when working with the sacrum, digestive and reproductive system.

However, there is a whole other layer to our being that definitely deserves to be recognized through this work and that is the energetic body, particularly what connecting to our womb space and the reproductive organs can look like through this type of massage.

When we acknowledge the energetic body through womb massage, we have an opportunity for healing that can go even deeper than just the physical realm.

When we look at the womb it is much more than just the physical organ, She is naturally hollow and has the desire to hold and because the womb has this desire and was created to hold life, it also means the womb space can hold onto things that are no longer beneficial for us which for example could look like a past partner, traumas, infections, grief and experiences we’ve gone through.

The womb space is so important to connect with and have regular self-care practices that include the area because it is our direct portal from mother earth to us, and from us the physical realm to the spirit realm. The womb space is equally a powerful portal as it is the place of birth, whether that is through a child, a dream, a business and so on.

When including Womb Massage into a ritual of self-care we are consistently honoring this part of the body and giving the one receiving the chance to be in a deep state of rest to listen to what messages your womb has to give. When receiving Womb Massage it offers the practice of re-connecting with the sacredness of the body and moving stagnant energy that may be keeping you stuck and bringing you back into your flow state of creativity.

It's also important to note that women who have had a hysterectomy, have had any of the organs removed or a person who feels to connect with the womb space but may not have a womb, this massage is past gender and what we physically see. It is about coming back into alignment with our truest selves, and even if the physical organ isn’t present the energetic blueprint will always remain.

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