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Thoughts on Conception & Pregnancy

A common theme that appears in clinic is when women present wanting to have a baby. They either are told they are too old (oh, please!), or they have a disorder and need surgery, or doctors can’t explain why it hasn’t happened yet.

At this point, please insert my eye roll and groan. There is a lot a woman can do to improve her fertility without medical intervention.

Yes, there’s the impact of your age on your fertility, although if you concentrate on your diet, exercise (not too much or too little), meditate and take your supplements, together we can try and improve your egg quality.

A diagnosis of endometriosis or PCOS is not a death sentence. Speaking from experience, this will not necessarily stop you from having children (I have four children and have both endometriosis and adenomyosis). Admittedly I have regular acupuncture, meditate, sometimes exercise (cough cough) and take supplements. I work really hard with other therapists to ensure my fertility and general health is at its optimum. My cycle is of utmost importance to my practitioner. It’s a 28 day cycle, 5 day bleed and fingers crossed no PMS or “psycho woman symptoms” (again insert giggle and snort).

So if you have unexplained infertility or/and have a medically diagnosed condition this would be what we need to do to enhance the possibility of conception. From an Oriental medicine view, the first priority is your menstrual cycle.

If I had a superpower, looking inside your body would be it. I can not express the importance of BBT (Basal Body Temperature) charting. This is done every morning at the same time, same side of the mouth when you first wake up. And we need to record any signs or symptoms like didn’t sleep well, you had sex, or a headache for at least three months to get a good picture. Secondly, it’s off to the GP to get our blood work done. I will work with your GP to help discover clinically what is going on and then thirdly we need to supplement what our body is lacking. Seems easy right? …. Well no, there are more gritty dets to follow in more blogs but now this is your Inst step in your fertility journey.

For now, big love!

Angela Marshall


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