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Using your inner cycles as a compass for life

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Hi! I'm Tamsin! Womb massage therapist and Women's Embodiment facilitator.

It’s been almost a two years now of dedicating my life according to my menstrual cycle and I strongly believe this has played a huge part in a lot of my achievements over this time! As women we are all naturally cyclical beings (whether we bleed or not). Just like the seasons we experience a winter, spring, autumn and summer phase all in one month!

When we track our cycles we can really harness the unique energies it brings and begin to plan our life around that. When I started doing this, I truly began to show up as my best self. My manifestations were coming true, opportunities would fall into my lap, I began to heal my menstrual pain! And I have never felt such a strong relationship with my own body before!

I could talk about this topic forever but here are just a few examples on how to honour these phases and the type of unique energy each phase brings!

Winter (menstruation)

- This phase is for going inwards and reflection

- I know we have busy lives these days but if we can cancel plans during this time it can be deeply supportive for our nervous system and reset!

- Rest and intentionally release the past month

- Explore practices that honour your bleed, anything between wearing red to represent this time or if it feels right for you giving your blood back to the earth (she’s an amazing fertiliser for the soil and this reconnects our energy with Mother Earth and us)

Spring (follicular)

- A time for creation!

- Manifest and set intention

- Visualising meditations

-Create a vision board or tune into your personal goals (I guarantee the dreams you set here will come true!)

Summer (ovulation)

- Your powerhouse phase! Tap into your passionate fiery energy!

- Organise meetings and dead lines here

- Start new projects, classes and business you’ve been wanting to!

- You’re probably feeeeling yourself sexually and sensually! It’s time to book that heels class or putting aside time to allow your feminine energy to be expressed!

Autumn (luteal)

- Grounding practices to support you as your energy begins to lower

- A time of going inwards, journaling here can be beneficial

- In the past this is where my PMS symptoms would show up so cardio training would support me in releasing intense energy and again, getting your feet on the earth!

These are just a few ideas but I highly suggest doing some research around honouring your phases throughout your cycle and becoming familiar with your own inner seasons.

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